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Client: Black Eagle
Tagline: Be Inspired
Key contacts: Katerini & Segran
Summary of deliverables: Logo design, corporate identity elements and website development


Consolidate the look and feel for the Black Eagle group of companies into one umbrella – with a cohesive look and feel. The look needs to be modern, simplistic and clean. We need to identify a font that will be recognisably Black Eagle. Each sub brand of Black Eagle will have its own logo representation of the main logo. The new brand needs to be bold and identifiable. Key colours for the rebrand will be black and grey – with a dedicated colour to each sub brand. A website needs to be built for the Black Eagle group – with one page per sub brand



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Your initial draft of logo options is live and ready to view. Click the button below and let us know what you think. 

Second batch of changes have been uploaded. Keep in mind that these are rough drafts of our progress so far. We don’t believe we have married the subsidiaries to the group logo as yet but we’ve come up with a few wordmark options for direction. 

Reverts available for download